Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Rid of "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* ##" Entries in Vist

Shamelessly stolen from here as this was something that was REALLY becoming a pain in my backside.

Get Rid of "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* ##" Entries in Vista

Vista seems to have an annoying habit of creating several "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection* ##" entries in my ipconfig results, which means I have to scroll up to see the actual entries I want to. That is a pain to do on a laptop with a touchpad, but also I think it was contributing to connectivity problems when switching between wireless and wired connections.

If you want to remove them, there is a method that seems to be harmless:

* Right-click My Computer, go to Manage.
* Go to Device Manager
* Click View on the top of the window, and check Show hidden devices.
* Now expand the Network adapters tree, and you should see several entries that start with isatap.(something).
* Disable (right-click, Disable) several of them, and verify that all your networking things still work.
* If that didn't cause any problems, you should be able to safely delete them (right-click, Uninstall).

Now your ipconfig readout should be a little more sane. This problems seems to be caused by IPv4 and IPv6 tunneling of some sort, which you can read about here.

I had to disable a few other hidden network adapters but a quick check of my ipconfig output and test of my network showed my progress and the fact that I hadn't broken anything.