Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Canon Drivers in Ubuntu

As I've discovered getting Ubuntu Hardy to print in colour to a Canon iRC 2880i can be a bit of a nightmare. Now that I've figured it out I thought I should put it here.
This guide should work for most Canon printers and most versions of Ubuntu.

If you only want to print in black & white then it is fairly straight forward.

1. Goto System->Administration->Printing
2. Create a new printer queue
3. Select the type of connection to the printer (mine is Windows Printer via SAMBA)
4. Input the printer settings eg: and authentication if needed
5. For drivers use Generic->PCL 5c->Generic PCL 5c Printer Foomatic/hpijs
6. Give it a name and you're set to go

If you would also like to print in colour then this is where the fun begins.

You will need the UFR Printer Drivers from Canon in Australia. The PostScript drivers are also there but I haven't tried them but I can't see why this guide won't work for them.
If you're using the iRC 2880 then you can go straight here


otherwise just go here and select your model


Once you have the drivers and have extracted them then follow these steps.
Note: If you are using a version of Ubuntu that is older than Hardy you should just be able to run the deb files in the Debian folder and if there are no problems then you can skip to step 6

1. If you try and run the deb file in the debian folder in Hardy it will give a dependency error regarding libcupsys2-gnutls10. So in that case...
2. Run sudo apt-get install alien
3. Go to the extracted drivers RPM directory in a Terminal
4. Run sudo alien -c *.rpm (The -c will include any scripts in the package)
5. Run your newly created deb packages. First the cups common one then the driver one.
6. Follow the instructions above for the setting up of only black & white printing up to and including step 4
7. For drivers use Canon->iR C2880/C3380 UFR II->iR C2880/C3380 UFR II (or whatever model you are using)
8. Give it a name and you should now be printing in colour

In case you were wondering why you get the dependency error in step 1, the reason is that the Debian package was converted from a RPM one, using alien. Alien picked up the dependencies that where present on the system that the package was initially created.

Like I said at the beginning, this should work for most Canon printers because I found the link for the Canon Australia on a forum explaining how to get a different model of Canon printer installed on Ubuntu Edgy.

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