Thursday, February 20, 2014

Netbeans 7.4 bold menus in Ubuntu

I have suffered with this problem many times when using Netbeans in Ubuntu and I finally decided not get to the bottom of it.

The problem started only after I installed Wine.  Wine install a whole load of fonts so this was definitely where to look for the problem.

I found out that if I remove the fonts-unfonts-core package my menus go back to normal.  to remove the package run the following

sudo apt-get remove fonts-unfonts-core

I still had a smaller problem in that the menus don't have a border and when they are drawn over a busy development screen it takes me longer to find the item I am looking for.

I found the following tip when trying to fix the bold menu issue and have now made all my netbeans installations look the same.  I think this is a much cleaner theme for netbeans.  It makes it far easier for me to use netbeans at least.

You need to run netbeans with the following switch "
--laf Nimbus

So your command to launch will look as follows

"/home/whatever/netbeans-7.4/bin/netbeans" --laf Nimbus

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Anonymous said...

Thanks bro removing fonts are working.