Friday, February 21, 2014

Ubuntu 13.10 connect to MS VPN Server

I was not able to make a VPN connection to a MS site. I tried Cisco Anyconnect (openconnect), Cisco Compaitble VPN (vpnc ), OpenVPN or PPTP (the default)

This was a real source of frustration and the "IT guy" kept telling me that I should just install Windows and have done with it.

Turns out that this is SIMPLE to fix.

Setup a new PPTP Connection Type.

Click the "Advanced" button.  I disabled EAP but when I clicked Use Point-to-Point encryption(MPPE) under "Security and Compression" the window above for "Allow the following authentication methods:" changed and EAP was greyed out.

I then selected "128-bit (most secure)" from the "Security:" drop down menu and clicked OK

I was then able to successfully connect to a MS VPN Server.

Hope this helps... I know in the future it will definitely save me time and effort when setting this up again.

So there Mr. MS "IT guy" ... 

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Anonymous said...

Big Thanks! I had the same problem and your solution helped.